Care of children, guardianship, separation, maintenance, family violence and Legal Aid.

Janine Williams specialises in family law.  She is experienced in guiding you through family law related matters, Family Court proceedings and its' processes. Whether it's a separation, a family violence case, a child-care related dispute, or where resolution of these issues is required, my work is dedicated to helping you resolve these matters or represent you in Court where needed. 

Janine is a legal aid approved provider.

What I can help with.

Separation & Relationship Property

Expert guidance for separating couples, ensuring fair division of assets and resolving relationship property matters effectively.

Care of Children, Family Violence & all Family Court Proceedings

Supporting individuals navigating child custody issues and addressing family violence issues with care and expertise and urgent Court proceedings where needed.  Legal Aid is available to qualifying applicants.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid may be available to assist with your case.

Janine Williams

Janine is known for her ability to navigate complex family dynamics and deliver favourable outcomes. Her extensive knowledge and persistent dedication make her a trusted advocate for individuals and families seeking resolution in sensitive legal matters.

Her areas of specialization encompass:

  • All Family Law cases
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Expert Guidance in navigating Court processes